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My passion and mission are to guide you to an awareness of connecting you to your Breath, Body, and Mind.

Allow yourself to fully perceive  sensations within your own body, and recognize the feeling of being present in the here and now. 

As our bodies appreciate the present moment, it is our minds that wander off into the past and move uninvited into the future. 

The Breath is the bridge between the Body and the Mind.


I invite you to experience an inner journey of connecting with yourself through gentle movements, breathing techniques, meditation, Yoga Nidra and Reiki!

These very relaxing, soothing healing sessions are for almost anyone who wishes to reduce anxiety, stress, and tensions. It offers a way for you to

notice the overall state of your wellbeing!

The sessions are designed to your personal needs.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing these wonderful techniques that can bring you peace, fulfilment, and clarity. 





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E-mail: desireeseaver@gmail.com                                                   Facebook: subtleyogacreations

Website: www.subtleyogacreations.com


M: 0681541674

Subtle Yoga Creation

  * Dorpsstraat 78, 2969AD Oud-Alblas

* Online zoom live Yoga sessions       

  Tuesday   19:30-20:30  Gentle Mindful Yoga Practice

  Thursday 19:30-20:30  Relaxing Mindful Yoga  Practice

  Sunday    10:00-11:00   Healing Yoga Flow Practice


Due to the Pandemic only Online yoga classes


*Inspire Fitnessclub Kennelweg 10, Gorinchem

  Saturday  11:00-12:00 Mindfulness Yoga Practice ( closed)

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