I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Desiree , I have been fortunate to receive  a deep and rich orientation in yoga practices. Over the past 23 years, I have  studied numerous forms of yoga in various styles , in America, The Antilles, and Europe. These  experiences have  led me  to combine the richness of each of these forms and incorporate them into a full personal practice. 

Adapting  the  yoga  to accommodate the needs of each practitioner  individually, encouraging them to listen, to their bodies ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable. So that they have a  personal practice that supports them through life , integrating  Breath,  Body movements, mastering the mind , feeling deeply connected !


“Yoga is a practice of self-love in every moment. Challenge yourself…make modifications if needed, but make sure you look after yourself…and no matter what, stay connected with the breath.”

On a personal note….

I have been fortunate spending the first 20 years of my life  in Australia, France, and the Netherlands, and as an adult have settled two years in Algeria and  21 years on Bonaire, before returning to Holland again . I have  travelled  through, Australia, south Africa,  America, various islands in the Caribbean and Europe.

In the Netherlands since 2016 with  Don, son Rik.

When I am not  practicing or teaching, I enjoy spending time with family,  friends, creating art, reading, studying, cooking, long walks with my dogs, admiring nature’s shapes, forms and colours.


Feeling grateful!


A practice of Yoga and Meditation is the foundation of your day!




Desiree x


· Kripalu Hatha/ restorative Yoga Stockbridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

. David Swenson – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

. Beryl Bender Birch, Puerto Rico

· Prenatal – Willemstad, Curacao

· Kundalini Certification

· Healing Touch - Level 1

· Various Hatha and Yin yoga teacher training workshops in Curacao, Australia, America & the Netherlands

· Energetic Alignment training with Janet stone

. Yoga training Vanda Scaravelli  style with Rossella Baroncini Italy

. Reiki Level 1

. Reiki Level 2

. Holistic Kinder Yoga

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E-mail: desireeseaver@gmail.com                                                   Facebook: subtleyogacreations

Website: www.subtleyogacreations.com


M: 0681541674

Subtle Yoga Creation

  * Dorpsstraat 78, 2969AD Oud-Alblas

* Online zoom live Yoga sessions       

  Tuesday   19:30-20:30  Gentle Mindful Yoga Practice

  Thursday 19:30-20:30  Relaxing Mindful Yoga  Practice

  Sunday    10:00-11:00   Healing Yoga Flow Practice


Due to the Pandemic only Online yoga classes


*Inspire Fitnessclub Kennelweg 10, Gorinchem

  Saturday  11:00-12:00 Mindfulness Yoga Practice ( closed)

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